Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coatings are a State of the art Protection for your Paint, they offer minor resistance to Light Scratches, they offer Protection from other daily wear and tear which can harm your Paintwork such as Road Salt, whilst offering a high level of Gloss Appearance to your Paintwork.  Our Coatings are very Hydrophobic meaning fantastic Water Beading and Water Repeliing, also helping against contaminents such as bird poo and sap from tree, the Ceramic Coating also makes cleaning the car much easier.

Ceramic Coating

from £200

Ceramic Coating – up to 3-5 Years Protection

Ceramic coatings are a state of the art protection, which are highly resistant to scratches, whilst protecting your paintwork from the elements, such as road salt, while also offering high amounts of gloss levels. Our coatings are very hydrophobic offering fantastic water beading and water repellent properties, which in effect means it literally cleans it self. Also making it much easier to clean. Unlike many sealant packages once applied no more waxing will be required.

Xpel Paint Protection Film

from £400

Paint Protection Film – 10 Year Durability

Ultimately Xpel Paint Protection Film is the best protection for your Vehicle,  This stops stone chips, scratches, scuffs, swirl marks and all kinds of daily wear and tear,  We are XPEL Factory Trained and Bristol’s Only Accredited Xpel Installers, The Xpel film has a self healing property, so should a minor scratch or swirl mark appear,  direct sunlight or hot water will remove them.

All of our Xpel Paint Protection films are precisely designed and pre-cut on our In House Plotter, meaning there is no need for us to cut or trim the Film on your vehicle.

As all of our Templates are designed and pre cut in house, we can offer many different packages to suit an individuals need and budget, from Wing Mirrors, headlights and bumpers, right through to a Full Coverage

Our Paint Protection Film come with a full 10 Year Manufactures Warranty

Wheel and Caliper Coatings

from £50

Alloy Faces Only

from £100

Remove Alloys and Coat Fully

Glass Treatment

from £40

Windscreen Only

from £80

All Glass Coated


Our goal is simple

We offer our customers the ultimate in paint protection and strive for perfection. All our kits are designed and templated using our in house software which negates the need to cut later on the car, guaranteeing a perfect fit and enabling maximum paint protection. Every vehicle is treated as if it was our own and with the upmost of respect. We want our customers to have a memorable experience when using AutoTrilogy, to leave us satisfied and have confidence that the quality of our work is second to none.
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Complete colour change Vinyl Wrapping
  • Detailing
  • Window Tinting
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