New Car Detail

New Car Protection Detail

Our New Car Paint Protection Detail is specifically designed to ensure your new vehicle begins its life in the best possible way, we safely prepare your new vehicle in the way that it deserves before applying quality products to all exterior surfaces. These provide great protection, easy maintenance and amazing levels of gloss.

You’d expect a new car to be delivered with immaculate paintwork, unfortunately this is rarely the case. From delivery Storage conditions, transportation damage and poor preparation during Pre-Delivery Inspection at the Dealership, all of these processes can cause many defects and problem areas that may need addressing, problems such as fine scratches, surface marring, metallic fallout and lacquer to name a few, we have even seen resprayed panels to sanding marks and buffer trails.

How can we improve a brand new car?

Dealerships will offer their in-house packages such as AutoGlym, Supaguard, Lifeshine and DiamondBrite with “lifetime paint protection” that cost £400+ with even further claims of Paint Protection but in reality they are very poor value for money. These products more than often are applied incorrectly, the valet team are given short timescales (1-2 Hours) with minimal training on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased car. These products are applied without any prior preparation to the paintwork and over poorly prepared paint finishes.

Our New Car Detail typically takes 1-2 days (not 1 -2 hours) and uses some of the industries finest tools, chemicals and coatings; offering protection for your vehicle between 12 months to 3 years. Our state of the art nano-ceramic coatings we provide, offer unrivalled UV protection, easy clean surfaces, swirl resistance and dirt repellency. We offer coatings for the alloys which are removed then coated inside and out, exterior glass cleaned, coated and sealed with a durable rain repellent, interiors protected with nano-ceramic coatings on carpets, alcantara and leather protection against any dirt & dye.

All in, this is the best start in life for your investment.

Process and Price

Starting from £300