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Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection Films for Tesla Cars

Tesla - Paint Protection Films

Experience the unparalleled benefits of having paint protection film on your Tesla with Autotrilogy, your go-to specialists for paint protection films and ceramic coatings at our Bristol premises.

Our XPEL paint protection film is a virtually invisible, durable layer shielding your car’s paintwork from everyday hazards like chips, scratches, acid rain, and UV exposure. With self-healing properties, XPEL film restores to its original, optically clear and smooth finish. Choose between XPEL Stealth for a matte finish and XPEL Ultimate Plus for a high-gloss finish, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your paintwork is protected, preserving its pristine condition and maintaining your car’s residual value. All our XPEL PPF work is backed by a 10-year guarantee. Contact Autotrilogy today for a personalised quote and discover the difference our paint protection film can make for your Tesla.

tesla car in our showroom
Xpel Ultimate Stealth Paint Protection Film (matte finish)
Tesla Paint Correction

Tesla - Paint Correction

Paint correction is a crucial step before applying paint protection film (PPF). This process involves removing any imperfections, such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and other surface blemishes, from the car’s paintwork.

By addressing these issues before applying PPF, you ensure a smooth and flawless surface for the film to adhere to, which significantly enhances its effectiveness and overall appearance.

A thorough paint correction process ensures that your vehicle’s paintwork is in pristine condition, allowing the PPF to provide the maximum level of protection and maintain the car’s residual value.

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What difference does paint correction make to my Tesla?

A short answer would be… A lot of difference.  Hopefully the image here showing the condition of the metallic paint on this customers Tesla shows how much difference.

The light being used is a specialist light which highlights imperfections in the paintwork. As you can see, ‘before’ the paint on this Tesla has a huge amount of swirling and scratches.  
Afterwards.. none. Just the flecks of the metallic paint are visible, as they should be.

Tesla paint correction before and after photos
Tesla Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings for Teslas

Autotrilogy’s ceramic coating offers numerous benefits for your Tesla paint work. Key advantages include:

  1. Superior protection: Shields paintwork from harsh elements, preserving your vehicle’s appearance and value.
  2. Hydrophobic properties: Self-cleaning effect makes it easier to maintain your Tesla’s cleanliness, reducing wash frequency.
  3. Enhanced gloss and depth: Provides a deep, glossy finish and enhances colour vibrancy.
  4. Scratch resistance: Offers resistance against minor scratches and swirl marks.
  5. Low maintenance and cost-effective: Reduces the need for frequent waxing and paint sealants, saving time and money.

Tesla Paint Protection

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Although not as durable as paint protection films, ceramic coatings offer a level of protection against the elements.

More information can be found on our ceramic coatings page or contact us.


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